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7 Tasks a Freelance Graphic Designer Can Get Done for You

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team




You're probably wondering what exactly freelance graphic designers can do for your brand. Maybe you have a vague idea in mind, but here are some additional duties that you can assign to a remote professional. Let's clear things up and talk about 7 graphic design tasks that can be done by a freelancer.


1. Improving on your company's visual identity



First things first, you can make a freelance graphic designer in charge of working on your company's visual identity. This comprises of a bunch of elements such as logo, slogan, colors, fonts, stationery (letterheads, folders, business cards, envelopes) and many other visual elements that help customers and partners recognize your brand or organization and represents an essential part of the communication strategy.

Regardless of the size of your company, graphic designers are able to work their magic and polish an awesome logo, as well as a flawless corporate kit. This will help you pave the way for your business' future success but also keep your business appeal fresh and up to date. If you need to improve your company's visual identity, you can start here.


2. Product packaging design


When you need to dress up your products in some brand new, eye-catching outfits, a skilled graphic designer will create the perfect appearance to match and highlight your items' identity, as well as attract customers. The freelancer will make your products stand out, turn them into the target audiences' signpost to the category, and drive them off the shelves. Moreover, the specialist will have practicality in mind; so we're not only talking about the label or wrap, but also about the actual shape, size, and functionality of the packaging. You can find a graphic designer to take this on here.


3. Designing marketing materials


From brochures and flyers to postcards and posters, freelance graphic designers are able to design your well-needed marketing materials. This process requires research, creativity, and knowledge. Having these professionally crafted, your company will make a great impact and deliver a positive customer service experience. So, whenever you need to advertise an upcoming event, market your organization at conferences or job fairs, inform the target audience about your company, have a marketing package for potential partners and investors, or simply attract more customers, all you have to do is hire a talented graphic designer.


4. Creating infographics


Whenever you need a catchy visual representation of some information or data, get in touch with a freelance graphic designer. Infographics are great for synthesizing key facts for the audience, they are extremely shareable via social media,and enhance your organization's online visibility. Although there are several online tools for creating infographics, they are not always able to match your company's needs. Therefore, the safest option is to find a graphic designer who has a minimal experience with this kind of materials. All you need to do is to let the person in charge know about the branding guidelines (so that the style approached maintains the consistency of the messages that have been previously shared), as well as providing them with clear information about the results you're looking for. To tackle this type of graphic design project, click here.


5. Ebook design


There are graphic designers who specialize in crafting your manuscript and can craft it into a finished ebook. For this task, you have to find someone with awesome digital design and typography skills, who understands e-readers and has a strong grasp of traditional book layout principles. (Click here to get started). These professionals will also help you if you plan to add some advanced formatting features as well as rich media (for example video and audio) to your ebook.


6. Book cover design


If you want outstanding book covers for your publications, a highly creative and innovative designer will be a perfect fit for this job. Besides the cover, designers can also work on the interior of the books. These individuals usually have a mastery of skills with Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, and InDesign - which is exactly what they need for achieving stellar results. Plus, their thorough understanding of design principles, composition, layout, and color are excellent for the great outcomes you're looking for. If you’re looking to get your book cover designed, you can start here.


7. Designing e-mail newsletter


Graphic designers are able to craft visually appealing e-mails that get straight to the point and help you make the most of the brief chance you have with your target audience. A nicely created newsletter is essential for converting leads into customers, maintain engagement, and build long-term customer relationships. Think about it: people check their inbox every single day and they're flooded with a bunch of promotional e-mails. You want yours to stand out, don't you? Well, a beautiful design will not only please your audience's eyes but will also make the text easier to read, call to actions easier to click, and people to stay away from that unsubscribe button.

It's amazing how many tasks a freelance graphic designer can get done for you! Not to mention that everything happens remotely. Just make sure that you provide clear instructions and information about your project and expectations. To hire a freelance graphic designer to take on your project, click here.


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