Giggrabbers is an online freelancer marketplace with crowdfunding features, making it the first of its kind. Built for individuals and companies, users can hire freelancers and raise funds for projects all on one platform. Our platform provides freelance web developers, graphic designers, app developers, and more. Easily post projects, hire freelancers, and launch a fundraising campaign if necessary.


Our vision is to help individuals and companies succeed by providing smart, intuitive, and innovative tools.

3 Key Tools at Your Fingertips


Our project visualization tool helps you identify and map out projects that are important to you and your company.


Easily hire freelancers to work on your projects. Our escrow system lets you safely and securely pay freelancers after you receive results.


If necessary, launch a crowdfunding campaign and raise funds for your project. Funders can fund your project or work on it if they have the skills. Every dollar you raise can only be used towards paying freelancers to work on your projects. We also provide equity-lending features that let you entertain potential investors.

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