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10 Amazing Ways Hiring a Freelancer Can Help Your Business!

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team

The freelance economy is a diverse, continuously-growing ecosystem and there are plenty of highly skilled people of a wide variety of backgrounds out there. At the same time, companies start assigning a lot of tasks to freelance, contract, and temporary staff.

But do you know which are the most popular services offered by remote workers?

The results are pretty interesting and you may discover that there are certain tasks you never thought of outsourcing, yet they made it to the list.

Let's start exploring!


1. Graphic design

No surprise so far: graphic design is undoubtedly a traditional freelance job. Professionals from all around the world are offering their services while more and more companies look outside of their office for remote talent.

Freelancers can work on one-off gigs, project-based collaborations, or ongoing assignments.

Whether you need a logo design, branding, some catchy banners for your website, or an eye-catching presentation, there are plenty of skilled graphic designers out there who will deliver great results.

If you’re in need of a freelance graphic designer, click here.


2. Writing

Writing is a popular freelance service that every business needs and, luckily, a bunch of freelancers offer.

No matter if we're talking about articles & blog posts, copywriting, creative writing, academic writing and research, web content, editing and proofreading, grant writing, resumes and cover letters or technical writing, you'll certainly find someone specialized in crafting the exact type of content you're looking for.

Plus, there are professionals who focus only on certain niches, such as health, fitness, IT, legal, and so on. If you’re looking to create written content for your business, hire a freelance writer here.


3. Translation

From general to legal, medical, or technical translation, this service is booming on the freelance scene.

If you need this type of job flawlessly done, the best thing to do is to hire a professional freelancer whose native language is the one you need your content translated to, while he is proficient in the language he translates from.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

When we're talking about specialized translations, there are people qualified in certain fields (legal, medical, technical, financial, marketing), who are the best fit for translating and interpreting this type of text.


4. Sales and Marketing

If you need sales and marketing services, this is the right time to get in the game of finding skilled and talented remote workforce.

Display advertising, marketing strategy, lead generation, public relations, email marketing, automation, telemarketing, telesales, market customer research, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are some of the tasks that are growing both on the supply and on the demand side.

Thus, if you have sales and marketing projects that don't require an employee in your office, go ahead and post some details about the assignment on a freelancer platform.

You'll be surprised by how many awesome individuals will get in touch with you.


5. Virtual assistants

It's a great time to hire virtual assistants, and really exciting because more and more professionals are moving online, increasing their appetite to level-up their skills, and help their clients.

The variety of work that virtual assistants do is amazing, while the value of their competence and the chance to have long-term relationships with businesses is enhancing.

These folks can be in charge of a wide range of administrative tasks, allowing you time to manage the important projects of the company.

This reduces your workload, letting you focus on your core business functions.

From research, managing finances, managing emails, to taking care of your daily schedule, virtual assistants can cover a plethora of otherwise time-consuming tasks. If you’re in need of a freelance virtual assistant, you can get one here.


6. Data entry

This specific service is offered by plenty of qualified people who make a living by working from home or simply want to supplement their income. Which is great for companies who need this task done quickly and efficiently.

You can pay remote data entry operators an hourly fee or a per-word rate for the entire project. Basically, if you need any kind of data entered into your company's system (or listed on a document), start searching for a savvy freelancer.

Oh, and you can also require data verifying and editing.


7. Transcription

Freelance transcribers have been extremely popular this year. Their task is to type up spoken audio (live or recorded) in a printed form.

These professionals can work with most kinds of audio recordings such as interviews, phone calls, dictations, webinars, podcasts, lectures, workshops, videos, and so on.

They own their own equipment and collaborate with companies in a variety of sectors like medical, law, financial, and media.

Therefore, whatever you need to be transcribed, find a skilled freelancer who can help you.


8. Web, mobile, and software developing

These are by far some of the most trending freelance services out there.

From web development, game development, desktop software development, mobile development, e-commerce development, to QA and testing, product management, web and mobile design, and scripts and utilities, it's practically impossible not to have a task that can be solved by an experienced freelancer.

The need in this field is high (and constantly increasing), and so is the supply, so don't be afraid to outsource some developing projects.

If you’re in need of a dynamic website or mobile app, you can hire a freelancer here.


9. Video and audio production

If you need to polish up your video and audio work, or if you're looking to have everything done from scratch, the freelancing scene is here to rescue you.

These services are offered by highly experienced professionals who don't need more than a couple of instructions to start working their magic.

Wanna fine-tune a conference video? Or maybe you're not happy with the sound quality of your audiobook. And what if you have some video tutorials and presentations ideas in mind? These are just a couple of examples where you can use some remote talent.


10. Illustration

There are a ton of tasks to mention here: packaging illustration, entertainment art (like comic books, or movie posters), as well as editorial and book illustrations are just a few.

Illustrators have been really busy lately, as many companies need their services.

Once you've got in touch with a freelancer, you have to discuss the project brief, sit back and let them work on their first sketches. Soon enough, you'll start receiving the first drafts. After the final design is ready, they can also work on making edits where necessary.   

Fascinating, right? As the freelancing scene expands, the number of services offered remotely keeps growing. That's great news for any company!

Think about a task that you can have done by someone who lives anywhere in this world. Now start using trustworthy freelancing platforms such as Giggrabbers and pick a person who seems to be the perfect fit. Yes, it's that simple!

If you have a project you need help with, you can get started here and a freelancer will get the job done for you.


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