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How This Project Management Tool Helps Entrepreneurs and Startups

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team


From day one of starting their project, entrepreneurs have a lot of tasks on their plate.


And, sooner rather than later, there comes the time to search for skilled and talented freelancers who are able to help them with several tasks. Having the responsibility of hiring virtual workforce as well as managing all the applications, interviews, reviews, feedbacks, and payments may sound like a lot of stress. But what if we tell you there's a free online tool that helps entrepreneurs handle all of these with ease? The Giggrabbers project management tool is created as the go-to resource for everything mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Let's take a look at how it works.



After typing your name, the first section of the tool will help you identify the projects you might need to get working on. There are eight of them you can map out at a time and you can choose from:

  • Business planning: identifying your value proposition. This helps you to clearly understand the value your company or product provides to customers. Knowing this is essential on your path to success.


  • Graphic design: finding a graphic designer to create a new or enhanced logo. Logos are amazing for establishing your organization's brand and identity.


  • Website design: finding a skilled and talented website designer who can create a dynamic website for your business. At this point, it's important mentioning that a poorly designed website can negatively affect your customers and eventually lead to a loss in sales.


  • Social media marketing: finding a social media specialist who will help you market your company on social media platforms. Social media marketers develop and implement effective strategies that can lead to increased customers, traffic, and visibility.



  • Mobile app development: finding a mobile app developer to build an app for your company. Mobile app usage has drastically increased in the last decade and makes it easier for customers to engage with your business.


  • Photography and video: having professional pictures taken of you or your team. High-quality visual content is awesome for capturing exactly what you want to share with your audience. You don't want to show off sloppy pictures and videos, do you? Of course not!


  • Intellectual property II: finding someone to help you patent an invention that you have. A patent gives you legal ownership of inventions like your business process. It can be licensed out and used as an additional source of revenue. Smart, huh?


  • Blogging: hiring an effective writer to create blog articles for your company. An informative and inspiring blog helps you engage with your customers and also rank higher in Google's search results.


  • Explainer video: hiring a video animator to create an explainer video about your business. This kind of content makes it easy for potential customers to understand how your business works.


The great thing about this questionnaire is that it’s one step ahead of you. Think about it: what if you have already figured out you that need graphic design, but having some explainer videos created has never crossed your mind?



Basically, the section gathers every little task any company starting off might need done. Moreover, if you’re undecided, or unfamiliar with a term, everything’s explained to you. It makes the process easy and enjoyable.


After you’ve made your selection, press the ‘Continue’ button and start setting up your account. It’s simple: you have to choose your username, password, type your e-mail address, read and agree with the terms and conditions, and you’re ready to move forward.


Next, add some details about your project and budget. Be very clear in your description and make sure to mention the specifics that are important for you.

Hire a Freelancer - Graphic Design - PM.jpeg

All the information you enter will be saved for up to 3 days if you're not ready to make the project live yet. After that, give a title to your project, choose a category and set the date when you would like it to start. Now you can either post or save - your choice!


Yes, finding freelancers with this tool is extremely simple and straightforward. Once you list the job, professionals will contact you, explaining how they are able to help you. After you've made your decision, you can manage every single aspect in-house (meaning that you don't even have to leave the platform, you have everything you need right there) and, if you have any questions, just reach out the support team. Easy peasy! Try it free here!


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