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How Freelancing Can Be Beneficial For Individuals and Businesses During COVID 19 Pandemic

-- By Kasey Murphy


Prior to COVID-19 changing the workforce as we all knew it, freelance workers were on the rise for many different companies. Many individuals, too, were getting a bit annoyed with the 9-5 work and wanted to switch things up and freelance their skills. 


Luckily, we are in a modern technological world where working for ourselves and working from home is something we are extremely capable of. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is that! 


Freelancing works in two ways. There is a freelancer or individual who wants to do a specific service for a business. Then, there is a business, who is looking to get a specific service done, but not hire a full-time employee for it. During this pandemic, both the individual and the business, in this case, are absolutely benefiting in a long-term scheme. 


With COVID-19 forcing people to stay home, it is also allowing people to improve their creative aspects, internal processes, and the way they view their business. 



How Becoming a Freelancer Can Be Beneficial 

During these times, you may be unmotivated to look for new work or even think about the next steps in your career. But, really- this is the best time! With some employers needing help from willing remote workers, freelancing could be a great opportunity for you to do more for your career and experience more than what you did at your normal job. In addition, there are so many freelance hiring platforms that are prepared to help you.



1. Build a Portfolio


The one thing that freelancing has always done is to be an outlet for building a portfolio. With every assignment that you take on as a freelancer, it is another piece added to your portfolio. Having a portfolio is essential in applying for jobs to help showcase all the different work you have done professionally. Having a strong portfolio can never hurt you, and these unprecedented times are a great way to build on yours.


2. Create Another Source of Income 


If you were let go, furloughed, or just given a pay decrease from COVID-19 - freelancing can absolutely be a financial beneficiary for you. Keep in mind, the freelance world is still developing. Some businesses are confused about how much money they should be giving you. Find out what you think your freelanced service is worth and stick to it. It is okay to negotiate the price- this is your work after all. You should be getting paid a fair amount for it, and the right company for you will agree!


3. Gather Tangible Experience Working with Varying Brands 


One of the best things about freelancing is the option to work for different companies. If you have felt stuck in your current work situation, or you feel like you have not been able to expand on your abilities- freelancing will definitely provide you with an outlet to do so. You are able to work for a variety of different companies- from tech to fashion. You can gain experience in different companies, different brands, and overall a completely new experience that you may enjoy more than you’d think! Then, this can really be an asset if you decide to look for a new job opportunity when COVID-19 is in its final phases. 


How Hiring a Freelancer Can be Beneficial to Your Business 

There is no doubt that coronavirus has changed your business atmosphere. Whether you have had to downsize majorly or completely change the way your business operates- you are experiencing an odd time for your business. It may be time to reconsider how your business operates, how it can operate, and hire some freelance workers! Remember, they can be long-term freelancers or just one project type. 


1. Provides More Flexibility in Your Work Routine 

Freelancers are usually super flexible. They are the perfect opportunity for you or someone else at your business to delegate work. By providing a precise service, they can help soothe the workflow in the business. It is important for you to be clear and concise with the freelancer about what you want to be done, so they can do it as seamlessly as possible.

2. Brings a Creative Aspect to Your Business 

Freelancers are a completely fresh perspective to your business. They are coming into your workforce as a new set of eyes, much like most of your consumers will be. This is so valuable to your business. To get a creative aspect from a new perspective can bring new ideas to your business. Especially during these times, your business model, brand, and voice may need to be tuned to be more sensitive to the times. A freelancer understands this and hasn’t known your brand any other way- so they can help deliver that new perspective.

3. Helps You Save Money Overall 

Freelancers are a lot cheaper than full, or sometimes even part-time employees. Since you are only paying them for specific tasks, they do not require any benefits that full-time employees do. This includes healthcare, 401K benefits, paid time off, and any other incentives. It is important to note that this does not mean you should pay your freelancers an extremely low number. If you want valuable work, you will have to consider paying a valuable amount. But, even with this, you will still save your business money in the end. In this time of uncertainty, it is important to save money for your business! 

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