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Build Your Team of Freelancers

-- By Giggrabbers

Building a freelance team makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to save on expenses and lower the cost of running your business. We’ve identified key areas (e.g. graphic design and branding, social media marketing, web design and development, search engine optimization) where you can onboard a freelancer for at least 10x less than what it would cost to hire a full-time employee.

To begin, use the Build a Team link.


Select yes or no depending on what your business needs. Each snippet briefly explains what a freelancer in the respective field can accomplish (e.g. design a logo, develop a website, or manage your social media marketing campaign). You can add up to eight freelancers to the module or just the team that you need at the moment.


After you’re finished, click continue. If you’re logged in, the next step requires you to provide some more information about what you’d like each freelancer to work on specifically.

The process will take a bit longer if  you’re bringing on a full team, so make sure you set some time aside if you need a ton of help!

Finalize each project and click post to finish or move on to the next project.

That’s it! Skilled and talented freelancers will be alerted that you’re looking and will reach out via a proposal.

If you’re too busy to manage the hiring process, you can request a specialist for $49.95. Specialists will evaluate your projects, vet freelancers and review all proposals. They’ll even hire a freelancer from the pool of applicants if needed.

Enjoy building your freelance team!

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