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7 Ways the Blockchain Can Help Your Company

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team


Blockchain technology is, beyond question, one of the hottest topics among entrepreneurs worldwide. While it was initially outlined for cryptocurrencies, it has quickly evolved into something of greater significance.


Employed in several areas and industries, blockchain tech is successfully opening doors for small, medium, and large businesses.


Secure and Efficient Storage of Data



It's no secret that entrepreneurs need to have easy access to their data anytime and anywhere. In most cases, they use cloud platforms and while cloud platforms are great, it still makes companies depend on a third-party, which is a solid concern when we're talking about highly-confidential data.


Well, the blockchain manages to make the cloud storage decentralized - meaning that no one person can control or manipulate data. Hallelujah, right? This increases the data security and efficiency, as well as cuts down reliance on third parties.


Entirely Automated Legal Agreements


Entrepreneurs are certainly familiar with agreements and contracts being delayed due to signatures, approvals, or dependence on lawyers.



Luckily, several blockchain applications are now successfully replacing or augmenting lawyers, thus allowing startups to manage the legal agreement process entirely automatically. These smart contracts get entrepreneurs rid of the annoying delays, facilitating businesses with well-established terms and clients engage faster and easier.


Fundraising Efficiently


Startups are always doing things at a fast pace and the fundraising process is renowned to be one of the key frictions points in building a company; yet, it tends to become very resource, effort, time and money consuming.



The traditional fundraising journey of venture capitalists can take precious months of traveling, emailing, meetings, events, and so on before you get tangible results. This slows down the traction entrepreneurs need to establish themselves in the market.


With blockchain’s self-verifying systems, this entire process is accelerated by letting venture companies send funds right after they've made the investment decision.


It's just a matter of minutes and helps reduce friction in the fundraising funnel as well as speed up all the related actions.


No More Time-consuming Background Checks



Before getting into a new business relationship, entrepreneurs usually check the other party's background in order to verify trust. This also applies to market investors.


We're again talking about a lengthy process that requires a bunch of time, numerous contacts, and substantial efforts.


Blockchain technology can be used in the process of identity authentication.



Verifying previous work positions, job responsibilities, birth certificates, and other mundane (but critical) things makes the entire check process more authentic and reliable.


Enhanced Capital Access


Financing their project by raising capital is a huge step for entrepreneurs worldwide. However, in many parts of the Globe, this mechanism is not as easy as entrepreneurs wish.


Hidden costs of traditional loans, limited access to modern tools, and certain restrictions are just some of the issues in this scenario.


Here is where blockchains can help by giving startup owners the chance to access funds not only from their countries but also from different parts of the world.


Bitcoin and other digital currencies don't depend on location; hence no hidden exchange amounts are involved. Basically, when transferring cryptocurrencies, no restrictions and international fees are applied. This creates an equal funding opportunity for most entrepreneurs.


Improved Supply Chain Verification



When it comes to a company's supply chain, owners often know the vendor they are buying from, but not the vendor's suppliers. This can be a problem when the product fails and the entrepreneurs can't identify the exact culprit.


By easy, quick scanning and spotting the point where the issue occurred, blockchain technology helps businesses be aware of ethical (or unethical) sourcing, avoid counterfeit items, or make sure that the products and services delivered to customers are meeting all the promises, requirements, and expectations.



This is great for all organizations, especially those that are not well-established in the market yet and need to build a trustworthy relationship with their customers. Understanding these factors is vital for preventing a negative impact, exposing uncertainties, and empowering businesses.


Breaking the Entry Barrier


Another awesome way how blockchain technology helps entrepreneurs and businesses is by creating online marketplaces where transactions are transparent and there's no monopoly control over data access and price.



Therefore, competition in the market is increased and the barrier for businesses' entry significantly lowered down. The greatest thing about it is that it leads to the emergence of more novel products and services.


Blockchain technology enjoys an ongoing evolution. More and more entrepreneurs are learning about it and familiarize themselves with the way it can help their businesses.


Undoubtedly, this innovative technology is allowing both startups and big organizations grow, easing their way to success. To hire a blockchain consultant or freelance developer for your business, click here.


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