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7 Places to Hire Freelancers and How They are Different

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team


The fact that businesses are growingly using freelance and contract labor is already old news. No matter the size of your company, your projects can definitely get some help from awesome professionals who work from the comfort of their home and constantly keep in touch with you via instant messages or Skype calls. But how can you find these wonderful freelancers? Stick with us, because we're gonna talk about 7 places where you can easily hire remote workers along with how these platforms differ from each other.


1. Upwork


Upwork Logoo.png


Upwork is a stunning platform for hiring freelance individuals or teams with a wide range of skills. It's easy peasy to use, extremely intuitive, as well as perfect for both small and large projects.

A nice feature of this resource is the time tracker that can be very handy if you're looking to hire by the hour. The tool will allow freelancers to track the exact time they work on your project, have screenshots taken and sent to you.

From writers, developers, marketing professionals, virtual assistants, designers, to translators, SEO specialists, and researchers, there's a huge variety of talent to choose from. The hiring process is simple: you share some details about your project and qualified people will reach out to you, describing how they are able to help you. You can even list some interview questions for freelancers to answer to before making your final decision. Upwork will also analyze your needs and highlight potential good matches, giving you the option to invite some of them to apply to the job. Once you're getting in touch with the selected candidates, you can chat, share files, and make phone calls. The payment process is straightforward, too.


2. Giggrabbers


Giggrabbers is an innovative platform where you can hire skilled, talented freelancers and raise funds for your projects.Entrepreneurs can use several great tools to post their projects, keep in touch with virtual workers, as well as launch fundraising campaigns for pricy projects. The interface is easy, simple to use, gifting you with an awesome, user-friendly experience.

Whether you're a one-man-show or a company of any size, Giggrabbers will help you find the right solutions for building strong organizations, successful projects, and long-term businesses.  

There are three combined tools you can use for outstanding results: project management, outsourcing, and crowdfunding. With the project management tool, you can easily map out your important projects. Plus, there's a useful questionnaire that can help you spot essential projects to build a powerful company. The outsourcing option lets you choose from trustworthy, highly skilled freelancers that will add value to your project and flawlessly execute your strategies. Moreover, you'll be able to easily hire and securely pay virtual workforce using the platform's payment system. To make things even more efficient, the escrow system allows you to make the payment after you receive the results you required. Whenever you need to raise funds for projects, you can use Giggrabbers' crowdfunding tool. Basically, backers can interact with projects either by finding them or by working on them. The fundings you receive can be solely used to pay freelancers. Another cool thing is the equity-lending feature which let founders open up a communication channel with potential investors.


3. Freelancer


Freelancer Logo.png


Probably the most popular freelance hiring platform out there, Freelancer lets you post your project, invite freelancers to submit bids, or even browse relevant virtual workers and make an offer. You can chat with candidates, compare their proposals, and finally award your project. There are a bunch of other nice tools like tracking progress, communicating in real-time, monitoring hours, sharing files, and many others.

The payment system is extremely safe. You can set a schedule of goals and release payments according to it or pay after the work's completed.

Besides all of that, the 'Contests' section is also worth mentioning. You can create a contest (banner design, logo design, brand naming, flyer design, and so on), see a bunch of submitted original ideas, and pay for the one you consider it best fits your needs.  


4. PeoplePerHour


On PeoplePerHour, you can either post new jobs and describe the tasks you need to get done, browse Hourlies™, or directly browse through expert freelancers. You can read about professionals' hourly rate, previous experience, reviews, and set of skills. If you find a freelancer that looks great for your project, you can get in touch directly with each other. Some awesome features include searching by skills, posting contests, tracking progress, and finding local freelancers.

An important thing to mention is that browsing Hourlies™ lets you find a service at a fixed price. Therefore, there are no negotiations or surprises.

After you've selected the perfect match for your job, you need to pay a downpayment which will only be released at completion. You can even deposit funds in your PPH Account and use it to make multiple payments to several freelancers.


5. We Work Remotely



Unlike the platforms described above, We Work Remotely is a job board where you post about your needs and freelancers apply in the old classical manner, by sending you their resume and/or a cover letter. The only rule is that your project allows people to work from anywhere.


6. Fiverr


Fiverr is a practical platform for finding fast and affordable freelance services. The thing about it is that everything you need to get done (logo, product description, article editing, and so on) is $5. Yes, vendors can upsell their services, but everyone's base rate is $5.

You will be able to search for the type of service you need, choose a virtual provider, and make your order. After that, all you need to do is share all the requirements and wait a few days to have everything completed.

7. Guru



Guru is great for finding and hiring skilled freelancers that are able to help you with creative, technical, or business projects. Your decision can be based on several factors such as portfolios, rates, reviews, testimonials, and experience.

The cool thing that sets Guru apart is its built-in project manager app which gives you the opportunity to manage your project without leaving the platform.

Besides that, you can also craft agreements, communicate in real-time, share files, and pay for the service once the project is completed.


Altogether, these are the seven wonderful platforms that will help you hire trustworthy freelancers in a jiffy. Have you tried any of them yet? Which one would you sign up to next?

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