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7 Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

-- By Giggrabbers Editorial Team

Nowadays, the labor force is constantly becoming more fluid, embracing flexibility, and slowly shifting away from the classical 9-to-5 working hours. Companies that are able to adapt to change are certainly the ones that will get the upper hand. Most likely than not, your business is in need of skilled and knowledgeable professionals but is short of the required resources or doesn't need full-time staff. These situations can be easily solved by hiring a freelancer.

Here are 7 mega-awesome benefits of working with freelance talent.


1. Vast Experience

Think about it - great freelance professionals have lots and lots of experience. They work on several projects for different businesses, which helps them constantly improve and expand their skills. Each and every task they do helps them add to their craft and valuable knowledge, building an impressive arsenal. As they are not full-time employees, they are always aiming at doing a flawless job and delivering wonderful outcomes in order to be hired again and get some good references and reviews - which also helps them enhance their expertise quickly and efficiently. Therefore, your beloved business stands to gain from all that broad experience. Awesome, right?

Hire a Freelancer - Immediacy and Quick Turnaround


2. Immediacy and Quick Turnaround

Independent contractors are continuously focused on performing a superb job in a timely manner. Reliability and exceeding your expectations are high priorities for them, as they fully understand that meeting the deadlines and exceeding the client's expectations are great ways to make a profit and be hired for other assignments in the future. When you're collaborating with a freelance professional, you can forget about water-cooler chit chat, pointless meetings, or office politics - their goal is to get their job done as soon as possible and flawlessly.


3. Flexibility

Hire a Freelancer - Flexibility

One of the reasons why freelancers have decided to freelance is the flexibility of choosing their very own working hours. And this is an amazing benefit for your business, as well. Let’s say you own a shop that is only open from 9 to 6. However, your target audience is mainly browsing the World Wide Web early morning (before they get to work) and during the evening (after they get out of work). Therefore, if you want to get your potential customers’ attention, the best time to be active on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), to update your blog, or to send newsletters is before and after business hours. And here is where the freelancers’ flexibility kicks in - they will craft their schedule in order to do the job at the right time, without worrying about classical working shifts. This is just one of the examples of how your independent contractor’s flexibility can work wonders for you, but there are so many others! Not to mention that if you hire a freelancer that works during weekends, you can even e-mail him or her assignments at the end of the week and have them done by Monday. Yes, you’ve heard it right!


4. Affordability and 5, Independence

When you're hiring a freelancer who is working from the comfort of his or her home, you don't have to worry about overhead costs. This also allows the independent contractor to charge affordable rates while covering their insurances and other expenses. While it's nice having full-time employees who can bond, there are jobs that can be done in a cost-effective and efficient way by freelance talent. Of course, price does not have to be the only and main factor when you choose the freelancer you're going to hire, but as long as you ask the right questions, rest assured you will get top-notch work at pocket-friendly rates.   

Hire a Freelancer - Affordability and Independence

Freelancers are used to working on their own and are able to contribute to the business bottom line right away. You will, therefore, skip the hassle you go through every time when you employ on-site staff and have to spend time and money on training long before seeing any tangible results. With freelancers, it's enough to define your expectations, the work parameters, provide them with useful resources, and they're good to go. Simple as that!


6. Innovation at its Finest

Usually, freelancers have the tendency to be more innovative and keep up to date with new ideas, cutting edge technology, as well as being extremely receptive to suggestions. Unlike many corporations, independent contractors are generally not dealing with pre-conceived attitudes, which gives them the freedom to offer amazing innovative ideas and easily put them into practice. Therefore, they can come up with novel solutions to any of your business issues.   

Hire a Freelancer - Innovation at its Best


7. Freedom

When you hire a freelancer, you have the absolute freedom of conveniently collaborating with an independent contractor on a need basis. This means that you don't have to engage a full-time employee - you are able to collaborate with an external expert who will help you with streamlining your business only when you need it.

As you can see, it makes great business sense hiring freelance talent. There are a bunch of benefits of collaborating with independent contractors whose entrepreneurial spirit is lively and thriving. And, as more and more professionals are leaving their full-time jobs and choose the freelancing path, you will find the right expert in no time!

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